A few hours in Singapore


I have left Australia (see photographic evidence of crossing the land boundary over the gulf) and have arrived at Changi quite late at night in the time zone to which I am accustomed so I am even less rational than usual. This state of fatigue combined with the amazing amount of shiny things that I could buy could have ended very badly for my credit card if I had not found a comfortable chair under a dusty plastic tree to sit and soak up the free wifi.


Instead of buying M&Ms I just took a photo of Red and Yellow, not only because my dad has a special affinity for Red and I was going to show him the photo, but also because it appeared that they were eating an echidna. Luckily, on closer inspection, I found that they are only eating hedgehogs…

Some of my favourite things about my brief experience in my Changi armchair is that there is an Italian Restaurant called Spageddies (which has branding like an Irish pub), the Boost kiosk blasts the High School Musical soundtrack, there is a high fashion accessory shop that sells hats that make the wearer look like they have a roast turkey stuck on their head and they sell Tiger Balm by the pallet load.

I have 3 minutes left until I am allowed to ask the official airport lady with the iPad which gate my flight is departing from so I better go!

One thought on “A few hours in Singapore

  1. Hi Yvette
    I am enjoying reading your travel blog . Those giant M&Ms look as though they are holding durian fruits – the most foul smelling food , but Singaporeans love them? Have a wonderful time.

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