Pre-flight checks

I’m at the Brisbane International Airport waiting for the check in desk to open and going through all the things I should have done in my head:

Completed and emailed my axle counter presentation to the axle counter seminar organisers. Check.

Collected all my travel documents from my travel agent, including upgraded Paris museum passes. Check.

Freaked out upon arriving at the airport at the “Check In Closed” status on my flight only to realise that it doesn’t mean check in is over, it means it hasn’t begun because no one’s here yet. Check.

Tried to buy Swedish and Danish currency only to be told that it’s too “exotic”. Check.

Registered with DFAT and discovered that “the one which Frankfurt’s in” is not a valid option when asked which region of Germany you’re visiting. Check.
(I ended up picking Rhineland, the one that sounded most like it was something to do with Wagner’s Ring Cycle.)

Purchased and applied compression travel stockings and compressed the volume of the lower half of my body by about one third. Check.

Wrote a blog about being at the airport. Check.

I think I’m ready for take off!

P.S. Davey found a way to interact with the airport that was worth photographing, so I’ve added a pic for this post…


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