There ain’t nothing like a Dane

After about 24 hours in transit, I arrived in Copenhagen International Airport only to find that there were no Danish flag wavers (cult-like or otherwise) to greet me. However, I was impressed by the decor of the airport which had soft warm lights and wood-look floor instead of the usual shock of fluorescent and grey.

I tried and failed, once again, to obtain some Swedish currency and then followed Anna’s cab catching instructions to find myself at the apartment formerly the residence of D. Tottrup. Not only did I find myself at the apartment, I found Anna too:


Anna was gracious enough to let me shower and change in her apartment before setting out on some Danish cultural immersion. I was apparently so in-tune with the Danish psyche that upon emerging from the shower in today’s change of clothes I was congratulated by Anna for the lack of colour and predominance of grey in my outfit, which is the Danes’ preferred wardrobe colour pallet.

The first item on the agenda was brunch, which Anna’s Spanish boyfriend, Ruben, joined us for. This was the first time I had met Ruben but Anna was hoping that with our common computer engineering background that we’d be able to discuss such topics as “Spanish binary”. I wasn’t sure about “Spanish binary”, I always thought it was just all Juans and zeros…
Awful puns aside and back to brunch, we were served our own large plate bearing scrambled eggs, two types of bread, pancakes, bacon, sausages, ham, salad, fruit salad, yoghurt, muesli, two types of cheese and juice. It was the first meal where I had even had to formulate a strategic plan of attack!

We stumbled out of brunch to make the most of the uncharacteristic sunshine to do some sightseeing. The first sights we saw were the unimaginatively named Marble Church with its impressive copper dome ceiling:



And equally obviously named Russian Church with its impressive gold onion domes:


We then wandered towards the Amalienborg where our own Princess Mary resides: 20130914-210659.jpg

Anna and I practised our royal waves just in case we saw ole Mazza and she needed some new ladies in waiting:


We walked along the waterfront and arrived at the iconic canals and took some obligatory photos showcasing the beautiful blue sky:





Next on the list was some shopping. My tour guides disagreed with the actual reason why the shopping district we visited was the best in the world, but whether it was because it was the longest street, longest enclosed foot mall, had the greatest ratio of shops to street length or it had two separate H&M stores, I loved the experience anyway. Not surprisingly, the Lego shop was my favourite:

They even had a Lego model of the buildings we had just seen:

The coincidences didn’t end there. Anna and I had been discussing earlier how the soundtrack to The Little Mermaid would be the perfect Denmark play list. Not only was the Lego shop playing a pop version of Kiss the Girl, but they also had a Lego display of that seen from the movie:


I had been worried about the language barrier before I left, but for most of the day I had been feeling a bit like I was in Doctor Who. Just to explain for non-Whovians, when you travel with the Doctor in the TARDIS, anywhere you go, whatever language is spoken, you hear it as if it is your native language because the TARDIS translates. Today, I understood almost all of the signage in the streets and every shop assistant (except one) because it was all English. It was lovely to feel just a little bit more at home than I thought I would have.

After shopping and sharing an actual Danish, I caught the train to Malmö, which meant I got to see some Danish train stuff!



I’m now checked in to my Malmö hotel and my bed is calling me like a siren (the mermaid sort, not the alarm sort) and I am very happy to finally have a horizontal sleep! Good night!

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