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I woke up much earlier than I had intended today after misreading a 5 as a 6 and then being too awake to attempt a return to sleep, so I crawled out of bed (which is a king with two separate single doonas, if I hadn’t mentioned that before) and went and had an early breakfast. When you dine alone, you have lots of time to ponder things like how confusing it is that “apelsinjuice” is actually orange juice and how there is more cheese variety in this breakfast buffet than is available in the whole of Mount Isa.

Despite the threatening weather, I had a stubborn determination to make the most of my soon-to-run-out free time and maximise my sightseeing.

I wandered around the same squares as before and did some gorilla-podding in the rain to prove I was there:


I eventually made it to the railway station (below) which I knew contained shops so that I could purchase an umbrella.

While I was there, I thought I may as well have a sticky-beak around the station and photograph some train stuff:

I continued on my touristus maximus quest and saw some more beautiful buildings and scenery in the gloom:


After my newly-purchased umbrella ended up inside out after a particularly enthusiastic gust of wind, I decided to return back to the hotel.

The first IRSE related activity for this trip was a traditional Swedish lunch for Hewlett/Fisher Travelling Bursary winners with the president of the world (for the IRSE). Earlier in the year, some of you might remember that I had met the president of the world when I was presented with my Shining Light Award in Adelaide, but this was a new guy who had been sworn in just after the Adelaide AGM.

I got to meet some fellow “younger members” from Glasgow, Bangkok, Hong Kong, London and Sydney. The president joked that I must already know the delegate from Sydney because we’re from the same country, but it did turn out that we had previously met when we were both presented with awards but had both forgotten. The younger members assistant editor also allocated a day of the conference for each of us to report on for the IRSE magazine. I get to write about tomorrow. I was intending to just adapt tomorrow’s blog, possibly minus some of the sarcasm.

Through the window during lunch, I saw the weather becoming sunnier and sunnier so I went for another walk, armed with my gorilla pod.



I headed in the direction of the modern art museum, Moderna Museet, but found that it was actually closed:


But perhaps that was a blessing in disguise as the featured exhibition was called “Soviet hippies: the psychedelic underground of 1970s Estonia”.

I continued walking along the canal, which was very tranquil and deserted (possibly due to the inclement weather):


After some more aimless wandering, I ended up back in Stortorget and found a Swedish TARDIS:


In the evening, we had our registration reception and welcome speeches. I was only asked if I was a partner once during this function, and it was a polite question, rather than an assumption, which made my inner Mrs Pankhurst happy. The president also presented all of us bursary winners to the crowd for adulation and to be photographed, but I’m not sure where that photo has ended up, I’m hoping for the cover of the next IRSE mag!

Now that I will be the official journalist of Tuesday, I had better go and get a proper night’s sleep so that I can actually recollect what happens, at least until I write it down. God natt!

One thought on “Swede as

  1. Another interesting day – the railway stations didn’t seem very busy? So sorry you missed the exhibition about the psychdelic Estonian underground – I think it would have been fascinating? Love that north European way of having separate doonas on a big bed!

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