Viva Copenhagen!

Considering how late we arrived home last night, we headed off to Copenhagen this morning quite early. The view this morning was much more photographable than on my trip over:



Our first stop this morning was Romboll’s futuristic glass office.


Here, not only were we treated to some really interesting presentations about the signalling upgrades and new lines in Denmark and the immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany, but they kept feeding us amazing food over and over in their incredibly trendy canteen.

We also got to visit the Banedanmark control centre, which was also very relaxed, so much so that they had couches in the control room.


The weather was a little erratic today. Luckily, the heaviest rain fell while we were in the control centre and by the time we came outside, was beautifully fine, like this:


In the early evening we headed off to Friland Museet, which was advertised as an “open air museum”. I wasn’t really sure what exactly would be displayed in the open air (I had already assumed that it wasn’t actually a museum showcasing open air) but we went in anyway. Most of the exhibits were 17th century houses that had been relocated to the grounds but there were also farm animals, a water mill, a wind mill and some water features.






Now, I do love a windmill, but by far the most interesting and coincidental relic that we encountered was a stone that was engraved with IRSE – the initials of the Institution of Railway Signalling Engineers!

We were served a lovely silver service dinner in the heritage dining room at Friland and then caught the train back to Copenhagen and then another back to Malmö. Five of us “younger members” made the bold move of taking our own 5-person ticket from our designated ticket holder, took a chance on a train that either said “train choirs not further” or “the train does not run on” and even made it past a ticket inspection without being fined. Excellent result overall!

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