Goodbye Malmö! Parting is such Swede sorrow…

Today was my last day in Malmö after spending 7 nights there. After having a well-deserved sleep in and consolidating all my belongings back into my suitcase from the various corners of my hotel room, I walked to my favourite square to have a last luncheon in Sweden. The venue I selected actually turned out to be a Scottish bar, serving German food with a particularly attentive British waiter, so not as exclusively Swedish as I had hoped. Thinking that the expensive menu prices were just because the food all seems to be expensive, I ordered a pig’s knuckle which ended up being about the size of my face:


As I was just about to leave Malmö, I took some last minute photos of the place to aid in my memories on my time spent in this lovely little city:


When I was walking past the town hall I heard Chapel of Love playing and I noticed a very newly-wed couple who were having a picnic wedding reception in the square having having been married at the town hall. Everyone just looked so happy and relaxed:


I caught the train back to Denmark still using the group ticket from the convention because they are valid for 48 hours. Tak IRSE!

Anna met me at the station, despite the fact that the train was 3 minutes late and after dropping off my bags and starting a desperately required load of washing, we went for a walk around the Kastellet:












There were so many more photos of me than there have been on previous days of my trip because not only was Anna there to provide commentary on the sights we were seeing, she was also very happy to photograph me posing with all of the sights.

I had been looking forward to seeing the Little Mermaid since finding out I was going to come to Denmark. She looked forlorn on the rock and in hindsight, it was probably insensitive to be grinning in this photo.

Anna suggested that I think more about the ending in the Disney interpretation than the original Hans Christian Andersen version and that made me feel a little less melancholy about the whole attraction.

We went to dinner at a 300 year old restaurant and had some more amazing food – duck, two types of potatoes, roasted prunes and red cabbage. I understand why the Scandinavians cycle so much, it’s not just because it is convenient and green, it’s to preserve their waistlines…


20130922-020104.jpgThe question of the day, instigated by Ruben, a native Spanish speaker, was if I knew what phrasal verbs were. I didn’t. Neither did any of the other English speakers we encountered this evening. It turns out that they are verbs made of more than one word including a preposition, which often doesn’t mean anything or possibly even the opposite. Like “calm down” when in fact, you actually want the calm to increase, or “look after” when you are caring for something but actually in the present. It was really interesting to get another opinion on our language and how, as I have suspected for some time now, it doesn’t really make much sense.

I better get to sleep now (on my Danish-designed couch with Ikea blanket) because we have a big day of castle-visiting tomorrow!

PS: Anna has pointed out that above I said that the train to Østerport was three minutes late. In fact, it was three minutes early and Anna was (relatively) three minutes late. Thanks for keeping me honest, Anna!

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