From Paris With Love and Burgers

I’m afraid that by the time I got to the French portion of my trip, my blogging had become a bit mediocre due to illness, injury and fatigue. Luckily, Sarah Barker was on the case, and provides her version of events!


Attempting to navigate the online French train reservation and purchasing system can be likened to banging ones head very slowly, and repeatedly, against a brick wall.  I’d had enough headaches trying to get myself a seat reservation on a train from London to Rennes but somehow managed to find a glitch in the matrix and after a weeks stress I managed to use my Australian credit card to purchase a ticket that didn’t need to be sent home to Brisbane (what is the use of that?!).  I thought I may be lucky and get the next couple of trains reserved in a similar fashion (minimizing human contact) but it wasn’t to be.  So off Dad and I went to Rennes train station, and somehow walked out of the main office only 10 minutes later with one ticket and one reservation in hand.  I was off to Paris!!

A good friend…

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