Hometown holiday

After experiencing the sense of intrinsic closure from my blog writing experience and seeing viewing stats that reveal that at least someone is actually reading what I write, I have decided to give in to “scope creep” and allow my blog to cover not only exotic foreign destinations, but also domestic trips.

Two weekends ago, Davey and I returned to our hometown, Townsville, for an extended long weekend. The trip didn’t start promisingly as our flight from Brisbane was delayed by about two hours. The one silver lining was that the Velocity Lounge was serving hot dogs for “dinner”. I must say that the food in Virgin’s lounge seems a little more fun than Qantas’s. One night, when I was in there, they were offering party pies on silver trays. In my opinion, “Party pie, madam?”, is one of the best questions you could ever be asked while waiting for a delayed flight.

Townsville is a very humid, warm location famous for its beaches and nearby reef. As an indoors sort of person who is more comfortable wearing an overcoat than a bathing suit, I wasn’t really here to see the outdoors, I was here to see people. On this trip, I was lucky enough to be able to see all of my grandparents and most of my “out-laws”, as well as being treated to dinner out with my parents. My mother suggested that we go to Gyo, a Japanese restaurant on Gregory Street. All of the food was great but, in particular, the green tea tiramisu was amazing and, it appears, made with love:


Although I grew up in Townsville, I still managed to see some things that were new to me. Davey’s parents’ garden is a great haven for an exciting array of avian wildlife. It was incredibly relaxing just to sit and watch them. But you know me, I can’t just sit and watch something, I have to photograph it so I can blog about it. Here are some of the victims of my voyeurism:

A greater bower bird


A blue-faced honey eater


A rainbow lorikeet (which I had always thought was called a rosella until being corrected on this trip)


A finch in flight


A peaceful dove


A spotted turtle dove


Another Townsville first was having high tea with my friend Shannon, a fellow Grammar old girl and ex-colleague, at Absolute Tea in what to me will always be “the mall” despite being now open to traffic. It’s always exciting to eat food that is almost taller than yourself…


On my last morning in Townsville, Davey took me for breakfast on The Strand and we had a little wander around. As you can see, the weather was absolutely terrible and it’s just an awful, awful view:




It almost makes me wish I liked being outside…

One thought on “Hometown holiday

  1. mmm I think Gyo is great too. Remember to go to Queen’s Park next time you’re home – it is a beautiful place for those who want to experience the outdoors, without the hassle of trekking too far from the comforts of a coffee shop.

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