Blog Hangover II – Newcastle

The next overdue blog concerns a second work trip to Newcastle.  You might recall, that the first time I went to Newcastle this year, the weather was romantically stormy, but not actually too bad.  This time, the wind was so strong when I got out of the car, that it was a struggle to move forwards.  This is not an exaggeration.


My room appeared to have a bed surplus but if you look very closely in the distance, it actually had water views.

 IMG_0744 IMG_0746

We had a lovely dinner in the restaurant.  I had the duck this time, which was incredible, like the pork I had on my previous visit.

In the morning, the weather had cleared and we had a coffee at the foreshore where there was a cormorant who was very happy to show off while being photographed.

 IMG_0747 IMG_0748 IMG_0749IMG_0042

In between all these outings, we actually attended some meetings, which aside from being commercial in confidence, don’t make particularly interesting travel blog material, so I have omitted them on purpose.

 My boss’s boss suggested we go to the “surf club”.  I was expecting a parma and chips sort of “surf club”.  But the Mereweather surf club is a higher class facility complete with wine cork interior decorating (another establishment, like Emporium, featured in my last blog, who have combined wine and walls…)


The view was incredible!

 IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045 IMG_0047 IMG_0048

We even saw a dolphin in the distance!


I also managed to take a photo of a SER (Signalling Equipment Hut) from south of the border.  The SERs here are really given the artistic treatment.  Here is two storey SER with a verandah, painted with a mural of a train:


I was a little more opportunistic on this trip, and organised a second night in Newcastle so that I could visit my maternal aunt and her family.  (I wrote “maternal” that to mean that she’s my mother’s sister but it reads as if I’m describing her as motherly and caring, which is also accurate.)   I spent many summers visiting the Simmons household and after I eventually found the house again, I experienced a lovely, nostalgic feeling of coming home.

I was secretly hoping that my aunt would cook one of my favourites, a chicken and mushroom peasant stew, and quite by chance, she had planned exactly that meal!  A win for telepathic, food-related, familial communication!

I was actually feeling a bit run down by this time, despite the number of warm cups of tea provided, so I returned to my hotel after dinner, ready to fly back to Brisbane the following morning.

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