Huritau i roto i te Queenstown – Birthday in Queenstown

On the morning of my birthday, I was greeted with a lovely view from our hotel room.


We had a buffet breakfast in the sun room of the Wakatipu Grill and then drove in to Queenstown to run some errands.

While we were there, Davey made a new friend.


He wasn’t the only one enamoured with this particular canine, other people in the street were looking at him and one woman in a car almost stopped so she could see the dog!

In the afternoon, I was spoilt at the day spa attached to our hotel. Even the waiting room and the locker room was luxurious! I was given a choice of massage oil – one that smelt like massage oil, one that smelt like Clag glue, and one that didn’t smell like anything. (I went with the massage oil.) After my massage and facial, I felt so relaxed and my face felt so hydrated!

In the evening, after finding out that the posh restaurant at the hotel was closed on a Sunday, we caught a water taxi into town.

While we were waiting for the taxi, we saw lots of ducks, foraging for grass in the crystal clear water. Here’s one of the more interesting ones.


We took a few more photos too.



When we disembarked in Queenstown, there was a big band playing Cole Porter songs on a stage which was constructed over the water. Queenstown is currently celebrating its Winter Festival so there was lots of stalls around and social media opportunities:


We stopped in at the Boiler Room, which is next to the Ice Bar, and is the complete opposite in atmosphere – warm, welcoming and slightly vintage, with mulled wine instead of vodka in ice cube glasses.


There were some very “jolly” ladies in the Boiler Room and they requested Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies”, which I always think of as “All the Signalling Ladies”, and danced the full routine for the duration of the song. Awesome.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant on the waterfront called Ivy and Lola’s which is also warm and a little bit vintage. I had an amazing dinner of mussels (for entree) and then pork belly, which was such a generous helping that I couldn’t get through it all.


We misread the water taxi timetable when we left the warmth of the restaurant, so we wandered around the shops for a little while before going home.

There were so many stars out that I thought it worth taking a photo of the view:


What a lovely way to end the evening!

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