Poroporoaki Aotearoa – Farewell New Zealand

I’ve been feeling uneasy about the lack of documented closure from my last tour of NZ so I’m just writing up a quick summary of our last day and a bit of a debrief.

After two days of being outside and actually expending energy to move (as well as to keep up my body temperature) I was exhausted and indulged in an epic sleep in while Davey had one last buffet breakfast overlooking the lake.

We leisurely packed up our belongings and then headed to the airport, which was actually within walking distance, but not really practical with suitcases.

Queenstown (Frankton?) Airport is the tiniest international airport I’ve ever encountered, excluding Townsville which is an international airport by name only.  But at least it had an airport lounge with pretty good cake.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to New Zealand and board our flight.



It was really difficult to go back to real life following this holiday after being spoilt by breathtaking scenery (and breathtaking skiing-related incidents), fascinating historical locations, exhilarating outdoors activities, relaxing indoors activities, unique (and friendly) fauna, and a range of delightful mulled beverages.  I definitely had NZ withdrawal.  


This had been my third trip to New Zealand in the past two years.  Perhaps I need to cut back?  But perhaps not…  Can you really have too much of a good thing?



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