Undressed: Up Late

For Davey’s 29th birthday, I bought him tickets to an event which would combine my love of Victorian fashion, Davey’s appreciation of scantily-clad women and our mutual enthusiasm for cocktails and canapés.  Undressed: Up Late was an 18+ event centred around an exhibition at the Queensland Museum showcasing 350 years of underwear in fashion, on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I was glad I’d pre-purchased the tickets, because the event was sold out before the night!  We stopped in for a few drinks at the QPAC lawn beforehand.  Unfortunately, for Davey, there was live jazz.  Davey questioned why they were taking so long tuning up…


Closer to the kick-off time we crossed the overpass to the museum and it became apparent that I had completely mis-read the target demographic.  I really had thought that the promise of drinks and burlesque dancers would have attracted a particular type of male, who I have always found like both of those things in abundance.  But not so, we were surrounded by hundreds ladies, each with a brood of besties, chattering with excitement about their girls’ night out.  As someone in a male-dominated field, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in close proximity to so many pairs of ovaries at once!  Davey seemed unphased by the gender imbalance, possibly due to the fact that some of the attendees had decided to come dressed (undressed?) in intimate apparel.

We acquired some beverages and studied an interesting exhibition of exhibitionism – a model who sat in her underwear and ate an apple, then listened to a talk and demonstration about corsettry.  But, I think we could both agree that the highlight of the evening was the dancers.  A brunette and a red-head entertained us with their individual acts.  There were feathers, stockings, negligees, red lips and perfect victory rolls set beautifully to vintage recordings.   The birthday boy was even lucky enough to get a photo with the performers.

IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0390 IMG_0381

We had some dumplings, sliders and more cocktails while waiting to get in to the actual exhibition.  We were turned away by security three times due to over crowding so we decided to call it a night.

Happy Birthday, Davey!

IMG_0392 IMG_0393

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