Chinese New Year of the Goat

Last Friday, I invited some of my friends and family over to celebrate the lunar new year, which was actually the previous day. This was an interesting week for me trying to balance various cultural holidays, not to mention TC Marcia attempting to dampen our spirits.

Pancake day photos from earlier in the week

Pancake day photos from earlier in the week

After aSHgROVE Tuesday, hosted by Emily and Aidan, I wasn’t sure that I would have the stomach stamina to handle new year as well, but I persevered, as you do. Dion and I prepared a delicious menu, featuring many of our Grandma’s favourite dishes and I set the table with our guests’ Chinese names and horoscopes, and got the Chinese Opera iTunes Radio channel cranking.  There was much eating, drinking, wrapping, frying, toe-nail painting, fortune telling, Kung-Fu Panda watching, cheater’s chop sticks mastering, li see opening and general merriment.  You can see all of this in the photos below…

Bring on the Year of the Goat!

P.S. This post is monumental in that it means that my blog is up to date for the first time since June 2014.  Now if that’s not a great start to the new lunar year, I don’t know what is!

P.P.S Due to the success of my culinary efforts on this occasion, Grandma has promoted me from Assistant Kitchen Maid to Head Chef, although i still have a way to go before I reach Iron Chef level…

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