Blue Lagoon and Farewells

My last full day in Iceland was incredibly relaxing. We had a free day to explore Reykjavik so I took up Dora’s offer to go for some pampering at the Blue Lagoon. I had a 9am timeslot booked so I was one of the very first people in the geothermally-heated water.

First, I followed Dora’s advice to coat my hair in conditioner before getting into the water to prevent damage to my hair from the minerals.


Icelanders believe that hell is cold and icy compared to the usual fire and brimstone belief. This now makes sense to me given how heavenly their hot springs are!

Due to the silica particles in the water reflecting sunlight, the water appears a beautiful turquoise colour. With a mix of natural volcanic rocks and resort walkways surrounding the lagoon, there is a choice of whether you want to feel engulfed by nature or modern luxury.

There was so much steam coming off the water’s surface that it felt as if I was the only person there, because the few others there were obscured from my view.

I spent a few hours wading through the water (and swimming sometimes in the deeper parts because I am vertically challenged), getting a silica mud mask (which repaired all the damage done to my face by the icy cold winds) and having a skyr banana smoothie at the in-lagoon bar without needing to get out of the water.

When I was done, I helped a bunch of American tourists understand the electronic locker system, showered, took some more photos and bought myself a shiny memento from the gift shop.


On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for “Iceland’s unofficial national dish”, according to Dora – a hotdog with everything and a coke! Apparently, when Bill Clinton visited this iconic hotdog stand, he ordered mustard only. Dora urged us not to make the same mistake!

In the evening, I walked through the city to where we were meeting up for one last dinner.


Dora explained to us the Icelandic patronymic naming system where one’s second name describes that you are your father’s son or daughter. She also wrote us lovely postcards addressed to our official Icelandic names!

It was wonderful to have spent this trip with such an easy going and fun group of people. Being stuck in a bus for hours with strangers could have been a nightmare but with this group, it was brilliant! I also highly recommend the Intrepid Northern Lights Escape if anyone is planning to follow in my footsteps to see Iceland in the Winter.

And I’m hoping that you all do because there is nowhere on earth quite like Iceland!

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